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Garage door threshold seals

If you are constantly having to brush out leaves, dust and debris which have been blown under your garage door or if you need to brush out water that is creating a damp environment in your garage then a garage door threshold seal kit could solve the problem.


There are 5 different heights of garage door seals ranging from 15mm high to 40mm high and a range of lengths that can be cut to fit your specific threshold width.


The garage door seal is made from a high quality, flexible and fully recyclable thermoplastic which does not lose colour in extreme sunlight, carries no odour and does not become brittle in prolonged contact with water.


The seals are secured to the garage floor using an adhesive and sealant which provides a water-tight seal between the threshold and the floor. Built to withstand extreme temperatures, the seals won’t degrade over time when in prolonged contact with rainwater, snow or hot or cold weather and each one is supplied with a 5 year guarantee.


Once installed, the seal will be able to cope with the weight of a vehicle being driven over it so you can still park your car(s) in your garage, only now, you will be parking your car on a clean garage floor.


Each garage door kit includes a threshold strip, adhesive and easy-to-follow install instructions. Installation is simple and the seals can be fitted by anyone with just a basic level of DIY skills. They fit behind the garage door to create a water-tight seal between the bottom of your garage door and the floor, protecting your garage or workshop from rainwater, cold draughts, leaves, debris and rodents.


This will keep your garage clean and dry all year round.

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