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Garage flooring solutions

Garage floors invariably gather dust and create a cold, dirty or damp first impression. The reality is, in most homes, very close to this and so, as you reclaim previously-cluttered areas of unused space, an untreated garage floor could create more problems if it is not protected.


Most garage floors are uneven and sometimes unsightly. Many have been treated with a protective paint covering however very quickly this option starts to flake and wear away leaving you with the same problem again. We offer 3 flooring solutions:


- PVC interlocking tiles

- porcelain tiles

- resin floors


The choice of finish is entirely down to you and we are sure that we will have something to fit all budgets. Improving the appearance of your garage floor is the starting point to transforming your garage and it has a big impact as to how you utilise your garage.


Once you decide on the floor finish that is best-suited for your garage then there is a range of colours and styles to give you a floor that is both functional and aesthetically-pleasing. One thing that you can be sure of is that the days of a dusty and dirty garage floor can now be a definite thing of the past!

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PVC interlocking tiles

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