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1. Will the PVC floor tiles mark or leave tyre stains?


Rubber tyres will stain almost every type of floor including bare concrete, painted and vinyl flooring. The stain is a chemical reaction and will not damage the tiles or impact on their durability. The staining is dark grey/green in appearance and will show within 4 to 5 hours of the tyre being located on the tile. The stain cannot be removed as it is a chemical reaction. As the stain is a dark grey/green it is far less obvious in the darker colours and is almost indistinguishable from the colour of the dark Grey and graphite tiles (which also happen to be the most popular colours). If you wish to use the lighter coloured tiles to brighten up the garage or workshop design the floor in layout that incorporates different colours using the darker coloured tyres where the car will be parked.



2. What is the lead time for delivery?


The tiles are manufactured in the UK and are normally available within 2-3 days from order.



3. Can PVC interlocking tiles be used with under floor heating?


Yes but ensure that the underfloor heating has been turned on and allowed to reach its usual operating temperature before you start installation. Lay all full tiles, allow them to acclimatise and settle to the temperature of the underfloor heating for at least 24 hours before you cut the tiles up to the walls or any fixed points.



4. Cutting Allowance & Wastage


We normally recommend allowing for an extra 10% once you have measured the exact size of your garage. This allows for any errors in the initial measurement, cutting and if you need to replace an individual tile if it has become marked or damaged in any way.



5. What tools are required to install the PVC interlocking tiles?

A rubber mallet to connect the interlocking joints and a guillotine/table saw/electric jigsaw or bandsaw to make all of any necessary cuts or trims.



6. Can I use my new floor straight away?

Yes, the minute the tiles are down you can start using the floor.



7. Will water get underneath the tiles and start to smell?


The PVC interlocking tile joint is extremely tight but it is not 100% waterproof. If large amounts of water are left to sit on the floor it is possible that some will seep through the joint. The most common concern people have is that the water will become stagnant and start to smell but this will not happen. Firstly the chemicals in PVC act as a natural biocide that prevents the growth of the bacteria that would make the water smell and secondly any moisture under the tiles will evaporate back up through the joint because the temperature above the tiles is almost certain to be higher than that under the tiles.



8. How do I clean the tiles?


Firstly, sweep or vacuum up dust and dirt and then damp (not wet) mop the tiles. Water by itself or with a small quantity of detergent will suffice with either a mop or a rotary scrubber dryer if available. No waxes or sealers should be used. You can use a buffer with a lamb’s wool pad to buff a clean dry floor to an amazing shine. If required you can hose off the floor with your garden hose or a power washer (under 1300psi).



9. Do I need to use an adhesive with a PVC interlocking floor?


In the vast majority of applications no adhesive is required; the tiles can be dry laid and a car being driven in and out of the garage will not cause any problem. The only instances in which the tiles may require adhesive is when part of the floor is likely to be exposed to much higher temperatures than the rest of the floor. If the sun shines directly onto your garage entrance then the first few rows of tiles should be laid with an adhesive to stop any of these tiles rising with the heat.

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