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Dura 550 Series cabinets

The Dura 550 Series range is a combination of quality, function and appearance.


The cabinets fit a modular system that is simple to configure and perfectly suited as a single, stand-alone item or as part of an integrated combination.


All of the units are designed to 500mm, 750mm and 1000mm modules and to heights of 900mm for floorstanding units and 2000mm for tall cabinets.


The Dura 550 Series range is a competitively-priced storage solution. It offers good flexibility to adapt to the size of your garage and the DuraTuff textured paint finish gives a modern, efficient appearance.


Suitable as a stand alone storage item or as a combination of cabinets, this is an ideal solution for all types of garage with a quality, modular design system that you would expect from Dura.

The Garage Interior Design Company | established 2010 | sole Scottish distributor of Dura Fitted Garages

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