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Whether you are looking to develop a stylish, designer home for your car or create a functional storage system for your garden tools, bikes or a range of sports equipment then The Garage Interior Design Company offers the perfect solution.


Normally a forgotten part of your home, the garage invariably becomes a place to dump unused & unwanted possessions, and there has never been a complete storage solution or a fully fitted garage concept - until now.


With industry-leading Dura cabinets and hard-wearing StoreWALL panelling, you are able to organise your garage and create space which you never knew you had. Together with a range of flooring options from a long-lasting epoxy resin covering or either porcelain or heavy-duty PVC tiles and a high quality ceiling, you will be able to revolutionise the look and use of your garage from a cluttered and neglected space to a stylish and fully-functioning part of your home.


And, if you are looking for more than improved storage space and a professional look inside your garage, then we can also help you search for the right garage door or install the latest driveway turntable solution in the UK.


The days when your garage was a wasted space are now gone!

Transform your home and organise your garage!

The Garage Interior Design Company | established 2010 | sole Scottish distributor of Dura Fitted Garages

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Dura 600 Series storage cabinets


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